Relationship problems

Relationship problems: why relationship fail – changes

Why do relationships fail?

Why do marriages breakdown?

In this video clip Tracy Goodwin (the red sweater lady) starts to discus the various reasons for relationship or marriage breakdown.

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One of the main reasons people develop relationship problems is due to changes.

Have you ever heard someone say, “Since I got married she/he has changed” or “she/he is just not the same person, I got married to years ago… s/he has changed.”

Well guess what change is inevitable. We all change however there are some types of changes that have a negative impact on the relationship.

What are some of these changes that can negatively impact on the relationship?

Attitudes: relationships breakdown because a change in attitude

Can you imagine what will happen to your relationship if your spouse’s attitude changes?

A friend of mine, who is now divorced, told me his problems started when his wife started to work and earn money. While that should have been a good thing, he found that she became more disrespectful of him. This attitudinal change started a downward spiral in the relationship.

Beliefs: a change in beliefs can make a relationship fail

Karen got converted to Islam. She became such a devout follower that Robert her partner wasn’t able to handle it.

Everything was fine up to this point. They both had some belief in God but were not a part of any particular religion. While he tried to be respectful of her, she began making demands of him that he felt was inconsiderate.

Even after marriage counselling things didn’t improve much.

Behaviour: Behavioural changes can be the death of a relationship

Radical change in behaviour can also cause major breakdown in relationship.

Take Tim for instance. He was very charming and helpful around the house when he and Susan got married. However since he started going out with some of his friends at work, he not only started coming home late, but he felt he should be saddled with domestic chores.

This caused a major rift in his relationship.

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