Why Do Relationships Fail

  • Is your relationship crumbling?
  • Have most or all of your relationships failed disastrously?
  • Have you noticed that a lot of relationships are breaking all around you?
  • Why are so many relationships and marriages breaking down and breaking up?

Someone posted on Facebook: “Relationships are like overweight people, they don’t work out

Here are some of the top reasons relationships are failing?

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  1. Wrong expectations

While relationships do bring us happiness, the goal of a marriage or relationship is not actually happiness. Happiness is more of a by-product of great relating. If you are not generally a happy person then relationship will not make you permanently happy. You may get spikes of happiness however you will find that you will return to your miserable state after that moment has worn off. You will drain the other person because you want him or her to be constantly entertaining you. Such a relationship is doom to disaster. Believe me no one but you can made you happy.

Some people also go into relationship and expect the happy romantic feelings to be a permanent feature. But feelings and emotions come and go. They are cyclical. When the feelings of romance subside then people think they have fallen out of love. But love is more of a creation than it is a feeling.

  1. Changes

why relationship failHave you ever heard someone complain that their spouse is not the same person they go married to years ago. Of he or she isn’t. WE are all constantly changing. I got married to a wonderful 23 year old years ago. Today she is much older and quite a different personality to the young happy-go-lucky lass I fell in love with. But I love you still. Many people are stuck with a frozen image of who they are married to and it causes no end of problems.

  1. Lack of relationship skills.

Did you know that relationship and relating require skill, knowledge and commitment? Many people think that love should be easy and effortless. They think that if you have to work or struggle than it is not love. But I happy to announce that if you get the right knowledge and skills you can have a wonderful and listing marriage.

  1. Wrong attitudes

One guy told me that his wife was trying to change him and he would have non of it. When I asked him what exactly was his wife trying to change about him he said she wants him to eat with his mouth closed and stop making loud noised when he eats. He insists that is just the way he eats and he will never change for anyone in the world.  I asked him if he loves and wants his wife. “of course,” he responded. Than I told him he had better learn to eat in civilize manner of this may be just the thing that drives his wife away. We need to learn to make changes for our jobs, careers and even friends why not for our spouses. Most of the times the changes required of us will do us great good.

If you want to have a happy relationship here are some powerful  marriage tips.

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