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What makes marriages last

What makes a marriage last

Have you every been shocked to see or hear of 2 people divorcing who you thought had a great marriage? Sometimes these 2 people have been married for a very long time. Which makes it even more surprising.

If they could last for this long why couldn’t they continue?

So the million dollar question is: what makes a marriage relationship last?

Relationship expert Dr. Scott Stanley from the University of Denver reveals 3 core things that make marriages last.

The first thing is friendship.

“You want to feel that your spouse is your best friend or a least one of your best friends in life,” Stanley says.

Having a best friend means that you

Are comfortable with them

Can talk to them

You can share what you want to share without being intimidated or scared they will not understand or take it the wrong way

Feel at ease

The ability to handle issues well

Every couple will have issues. It not about whether or not you have problems. Researchers have found out that successful relationships have just as much problems as relationships that fail. The major difference is the way the issues are handled.

Unsuccessful couples crash by tearing each other apart. Successful couples find a way of solving, negotiating and or even living with the problem.

“The couples that are going to do best in life aren’t defined by not having issues, but they can work pretty well with the stuff that comes their way without it damaging their friendship,” says Smalley.


A clear sense of commitment leads both people to

1.       Sacrifice for each other

2.       Know that you have a future together beyond what happens today

3.       Invest time, energy and attention in the relationship

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