What is marriage all about: What is makes up a successful marriage?

Many people have all kinds of ideas of marriage? The idea you have of marriage will determine the success or failure of your marriage.

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Many people have concepts of marriage that will either doom them to miserable marriages help them achieve a successful marriage.

Here are a few myths that will make your marriage fail:

Marriage will make you happy.

Do not depend on someone else to make you happy. Big, big, big mistake. Studies have found that if you are generally happy then your marriage will enhance your happiness. However if you are usually a miserable person then eventually (after the initial spurt of joy) your marriage will suck.

If you have problems then there is not love.

Again every marriage has challenges. Believe it or not successful marriages have just as much problems as failed marriages. It is not the problem but how you handle the problems that matter.

My spouse should know what I need without me having to say.

No one is a mind reader – except those few people who are telepathic. If you do not say what you have in mind then your spouse will have to guess or make it up and most times they will get it wrong and upset you even more.

Lets talk about what marriages are really all aboutWhat is marriage all about

Marriage is really about caring and sharing your life, feelings and emotions with someone you love.

Let me let you in on a big secret of relationships and marriage. Listen very carefully.

In spite of what everyone will tell you it all boils down to a simple thing – how you treat the person in your life.

If you make him or her feel loved, esteemed, happy, elevated, sexy, encouraged, inspired, validated and appreciated (most of the times) then that person will always want to be with you.

If however you may them feel discouraged, depressed, disgusted, embarrassed and unappreciated most of the times they will want to get away (read divorce) from you.

Marriage then is all about how your spouse feels about you and how you make them feel when they are with you.

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