Divorce court

Divorce court: Woman Leaves Man Because He is Too Nice

Divorce court: woman leaves man because he treats her too good?

How would you love to have a man who treats you like a queen?

How would love a husband who cooks and provide for all your needs?

Do you think that this would make the best relationship in the world?

Well this woman leaves her husband because she feels that he is “nice.”

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Do some women (or men) need drama to feel loved? What do women want?

Recently I was talking to a new friend. He was a single eligible male – a rear breed indeed. He told me of an extremely interesting story.

He told me of a relationship he had with young woman which was extremely successful at first.

“I couldn’t desire a better person,” he reminisced.

He was the main bread winner and treated her like the queen of his kingdom. She fell pregnant and the pregnancy also went very well.

“She was very calm and peace full. So much so the our son, now 14 is a very calm and cool person,” he said.

“But after the pregnancy she switched,” he recollected.

She became bitchy, aggressive and very annoying.

At one point she physically slapped him and he by reflex slapped her back.

Very upset about the situation, he later apologized and told her he doesn’t want to ever again do such a thing.

Amazingly she responded that maybe he should do that some more because she like it. He said he knew then the relationship was over.

She big question is: do some women (or men) need to be treated roughly to feel loved?

What do women really want?

Why do some women (or men) think that someone is too “nice”?

Many women overlook “nice” men and go for bad-boy types. Many men leave their wives for women who treat them like trash. Why?

I strongly believe that woman are looking for men who have a strong core.

The niceness this woman is getting from this guy was good but is more a feminine niceness. He cooks for her and does everything possible to make her feel good. But it freaks her out.

What is missing is the masculine strength (masculintity) that many women crave. Unfortunately some women confuse this with aggression and physical abuse.

What is masculinity? And why is it so attrative to women?

It is the essence of what makes male real men. He needs tobrave, strong, demonstrate leadership qualities.

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He needs to be able to stand up to her; take over when things are messy and have a clear head when everyone is losing theirs.

He must have clear boundaries and borders. Borders that if crossed must be reinforce much like we do for children.

Have you ever noticed that teachers who are too nice to children are not respected. The teachers who are firm and don’t tolerate nonsense are respected and looked up too.

The some principle applies in relationship. Niceness and goodness are great qualities to have, however it must be balanced with firmness, integrity and inner strength of character.

I think that this was what the woman was looking for. This was what she wasn’t getting. Actually this may be what drove her away.

A second reason what some people love drama.

Some people grew up in an environment where they was not love and affection. In fact their home was full of fights and drama. Although they will consciously say they want a family that is peaceful, loving and affectionate, they will be very comfortable with this. It is alien to them and they may do things that would sabotage such a relationship if they got it.

This lady may have been accustomed to saying her father  (or primary care takers) abusing her mum and subconsciously associated that with love.

Remember she said although he said he loved her, she was waiting for him to hit her.

Here is the ending of the court proceedings

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