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Can Kim and Kris Heal Their Broken Relationship

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What to do if your young relationship is on the rocks

Kim Kardashian’s marriage to  Kris Humphries is on the rocks after 72 days.  Imagine that, in just over 2 months Kim has

Kim Kardashian

served Kris divorce papers?


Most people think that this is a publicity stunt. Some think that its all a sham.

I am not in a position to say if it is stunt or not, however I know that people can do weird things when they are in love. Emotions take a roller coaster ride when we on the sea of love.

News has it that they dated for 6 months before getting married.

Dating is easy it relationship that is hard. It is easy to fall in love but staying in love takes skill, knowledge and understanding.

For some unknown reason I think Kim is hurting so much she wants out. She may be saying that she didn’t sign up for this hurtful experience. Somehow they both seem to have locked themselves into a negative and hurtful spiral. Someone may have done something to hurt he other person and he or she retaliated. The retaliation did not help; it may have even worsened the situation. There may have been a war of words and actions. Things have degenerated to the point of becoming impossible. Kim has decided to call it quits.

Can anything be done them to get the romance back in the relationship?

You bet!

In the radio discussion I explain what the Humphries can do to turn their bad relationship into a good one.


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