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Stop Divorce: 5 Tips To Stop Divorce

How do you go about stopping your divorce?

Here are 5 Tips to stop your divorce

1. Find the root cause of the problem

If you understand fully why your marriage is failisng then you can begin to adjust the foundation which is the most important part of sustaining a marriage and stopping your divorce.

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2. Listen to your partner

When couples do not listen to each other it often causes problems or makes problems worse, if each person takes time out to actually listen to their partner and look at their perspective and were their coming from then it is easier to understand each other and therefore easier to deal with any problem that may arise within a marriage without fights and fall outs.

3. Express your love

It is important in a relationship that your partner feels loved, sometimes it’s easy to forget to express love to your partner especially when the relationship is a bit rough , but this is the time when you should reassure your partner that you still love them  by expressing even more love, e.g. kissing your partner last thing at night and first thing in the morning , surprise them with a gift  or even take your partner on a date to somewhere you used to go at the very start at your relationship , just to show that the feelings felt then are still the same.

4. Make the first move

Often when marriages are in trouble both partners shy away from making the initial step to solve the problem, remember someone has to make that move or else the problem won’t be solved, why not make that be you? If you take a stand that could be the step that prevents the problem evolving and potentially prevent a marital crisis.

5. Give your spouse their own space

Everybody needs their own space sometimes, even married couples. If your partner is stressed out and tensed sometimes all they need is their own space for a while so they can calm down, relax and go back to normal, nagging makes problems worse. Vice versa if you are stress and need time for yourself go and do something you enjoy doing to cool your head, then you can handle the problem with a clear mind

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