10 Ways To Avoid January Divorce Break-up Blues

Did you know that January has been dubbed the national Divorce month?

Well statistics indicate that the months of January and February have the most divorces. This is the time divorce lawyers rub the hands in glee.

Why do some many relationships die during the New Year Period?

Listen to this insightful radio discussion about why so many people divorce and break-up during the month of January.


Here are some practical steps you can take to avoid the January divorce  or breakup and improve your relationship.

  • Be aware of the break up period.
  • Like PMS time this period of the year can play havoc on relationships. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.
  • Know that relationships go through cycles.
  • Not because you are going through a bad patch mean that it will be this way forever. There are good relationships days and there will also be bad, very bad ones. But the winter always give way to the spring and summer time. Give your relationship a chance to grow and mature – Even when it feels like the sunshine of love will never come out again. Trust me it will.
  • Plan what you want to see happen in your relationship for the next year. Decide what you will do to make this happen
  • Physically connect every day by kissing, hugging, touching, necking and petting. Stop divorce: stay together
  • Give your spouse a complement or some form of affirmation every day.  3 compliments a day keeps the love doctor away.
  • Get external help if you have to. This does not have to be counselling or coaching – although these can help – it simply can be through and objective person who can give you honest and good feedback.
  • Work on some sort of project together. It an be anything from building an emergency cash pot to redecorating the house
  • Stop complaining – request want you want. It is so easy for us to complain and criticise when we don’t get what we want or expect. But this only worsens the situation as our spouse may become defensive. Instead think of what your partner can do to actually make you feel better and kindly ask him or her to do it.

If you want know more about how to stop a divorce or separation then check out this article about stopping your divorce

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