Relationship problems

Relationship problems: 7 ways to solve common relationship problems

Want to know how to solve your relationship problems?

Learn 7 ways to do so by looking at this 2 minute video.

Talk and share

I agree that you must set boundaries and rules when discussing relationship problems


Intimate problems are very inflammatory. Nobody can press your hot buttons like your spouse or partner. And things can get out of control very easily.

I love the suggestion of meeting in public. It helps to keep the discussion in check because most people are embarrassed for others to hear what they are discussing.

There is one problem – there are few people who are show off and would like nothing more than to make a scene in public to embarrass and punish you.

What can you do about this? If this happens simply get up and walk away quietly – and ignore the show-off.

Demonstrate willingness

It’s a great idea to make time to share dreams, memories, and experiences again. This helps your spouse to bond and become part of a team to achieve them.

Keeping eye contact and nodding while listening shows the other person that you are listening and actively engaged with what they are telling you.

Compromise and sacrifice

I really don’t like the idea of compromising. I much prefer that both parties negotiate to arrive to a decision that will make them both happy.

Address money problems

Money is reported to be the number one problems of marriage relationship.

What can you do about it?

Well I agree with budgeting but both of you should also make plans not only on how to spend it but how to make it.

Accept differences

This is a wonderful suggestion. When you understand and accept the background and idiosyncrasies of your spouse, you will be able to avoid many of the major conflicts that crop up in relationships

Divide chores fairly

Hmmm. This is a hot potato; however it is best for couples to list all that needs to be done in running the home. Each partner should first choose what they would like to do. The remaining unwanted tasks should be divided equally or if you can afford it get some paid help.

Follow through

Yes it’s not enough to make plans and talk. Actions are necessary to solve and avoid relationship problems.

Do something, anything to solve your relationship problems.




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