Cheating husband: 10 signs of cheating husband

Signs that tell your spoue is cheating.

One of the things that shook people when they finally find out that their partner or spouse was cheating on them is that they didn’t suspect such a thing could have happened.

Ellen was furious that Tiger Woods was cheating on her for such a long time while she was at home being the doting wife.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wife Maria Shriver stood behind him for a long time. The revelation that he had cheated on her, right under her nose, was too much for her.

Do you think that these women could have avoided these nasty shocks if they know what to look for?

Here are 10 signs that can indicate that your partner may be cheating on you.

Hmicharles gives ideas on how to catch out a cheater

  • High credit card bills. If the bill has items that are unusual or inexplicable  or if the bill is much higher than normal, then you would to keep an eye on. If s/he finds difficult to show or tell you the reason for it. This may indicate that they are using the credit card to pay for hotel/motel rooms, buying gifts or wining or dining someone.
  • Working extra hours a lot. While this can be a viable reason t may some well needed extra cash it is important to know most cheating takes place at work. Your spouse may be using this excuse to buy time with their lover. Traveling on business or for work is another excuse that some cheaters use to take their lover away or to go and see them.
  • If your statements show odd cash withdrawals or withdrawal at weird times and unusual places,  then your antenna needs to go up. These may be times when your spouse either take his/her lover shopping or need to get some quick cash to purchase an item for the lover.
  • Cell phone bills. If you see that the cell phone bill minutes are curiously high or the limit is being exceeded above the  normal amount then you need to begin to look into this. Look out also for strange numbers calling and/or being called regularly.
  • Change in dress and appearance. If your spouse suddenly begin to pay more than usual attention to his or her grooming and the way they dress. They may be courting or flirting with someone else.
  • Internet use. If your partner is quickly shutting down their browser, spending more than normal amount of time on the computer, clearing their history/cache and deleting websites they visit then something fishy is going on he or she does not want you to know.
  • Phone calls. Does he or she get calls they always take privately. They have to go to the bathroom or outside when the calls come in. Or if they suddenly change the topic when you enter the room while they are on the phone. You may want to check the number and do a reverse call on it to see who this person is.
  • Starting a new hobby. This is another reason or excuse to get together with their lover. They may never have had interest in tennis, but all of a sudden they join a club and wants to be an avid tennis player.
  • Some cheaters like to pick fights and arguments for no apparent reason. You feel the need to handle them with “kids glove” as you don’t know when they may flare up. This also gives them a poor reason to get out to the house to supposedly cool down and think the is OK to cheat as you are making their life miserable. Time which to want to spend with their lover.







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