Relationship problems

Relationship problems: The First Sign of Relationship Problems

Relationship problems: First sign that a relationship is in trouble

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What will you see when a relationship is in trouble? What are the signs of relationship problems?

Here the red sweater lady discusses the first sign of a relationship break down.


When trouble starts to brew in a relationship someone begins to withdraw either emotionally or physically.

Have you ever felt hurt or resentful to the point you don’t want to be around your spouse?

This is because they are the source of your pain and you just want to separate yourself from that pain.

I often tell people that people stay with mainly because of the experiences they have with you. When the majority of their experiences are positive and edifying they love to be with you. However if those experiences are negative and bitter they begin to want to distance themselves away from you. They don’t even want you to touch them.

There  will be very little or no:

  • Eye contact
  • Smiles
  • Display of affection and love e.g. hug, light playful touches, kisses etc
  • Marriage rings or other presents are disappear.

When any of these happen the relationship or marriage is in serious trouble.

When you notice these in your relationship it is time that you do a relationship check up.

If you do nothing you are headed for a romantic heart attack. Your heart is going to be broken.

What can you do to avert a romantic heart attack?

Begin by analyzing what you are doing that is hurting your spouse of partner

Stop doing this immediately

Start doing things that you know will generate happiness and joy. Because they are not in a receptive mood it may take time for them to warm up to you. So do not stop at the first attempts when you get a cold response. Keep doing something to make them happy.









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