Sex tips

Sex tips: The amazing benefits of sex

Why sex is so good for you – listen to the long list of benefits

What are the benefits of sex?

1.       Want to live an extra 8 years? Well have sex every day. Sex lengthens life expectancy. According to heart surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz if you have sex once per week you will increase your life expectancy 1.6 times. If you double that you can even double life expectancy. However if at all possible and you have sex every day you can add about 8 years to your life.

Here is a list of the benefits you can get from sex

2. Relieves stress

3. Helps to eases depression

4.      Relieves pain

5.      Increases happiness and lifts the moods

6.      Help with weight loss

7.      Strengthens the heart

8.      Boosts confidence

9.      Increase intimacy

10.  Boost immunity. Natural orgasm is said to be equal to 10 “Medicine Cabinet Cures”

a.      Protects against the flu

b.      Cancer protection e.g. Lowers prostate cancer risks and decreases risks of breast cancer

c.       Protects against osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s

d.      Helps with arthritis

e.       Lessens menstrual cramps in women

f.       Combat hay fever and asthma

g.      Helps speedy delivery and recover after birth

h.      Helps women tolerate drug free birth

i.        Helps you to get better teeth

j.        Gives better bladder control

11.  Speeds the rate of not only physical cuts but emotional wounds also

12.  Boosts Confidence

13.  Improves intimacy with your spouse

14.  Longevity: Live Long

15.  Sex Fights Aging

16.  Improves flexibility

17.  Sex gives you energy

18. Helps You Sleep Better

19. Increases brain performance

20.  Cleanses the body

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