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Sex Drive: A Man’s Sex Drive

Sex: How a man’s sex drive works

Mark Gungor gives a hilarious presentation about a man’s sex drive. If you are a woman you will get a clear understanding on why the man in your marriage is so crazy about sex.

Gungor contends that a man’s sex drive peaks at 18 and goes down but comically draws a bell shape curve that rises steely at 18 and levels off to a straight line (for the rest of your life) and then drops off precipitously when you are dead.

He informs us that we are not driven so much by our body parts but by a chemical called testosterone, which runs through our blood and drives us (men) crazy.

If you girls know how much this drives us crazy you will be more disgusted with us than you are right now,” Mark says.

Without testosterone a man’s interest in sex will absolutely disappear. Same man, head and body but with testosterone he is a different animal – wild for sex.

“This is not because we are sick, perverts, it is not because we are broken God wired us that way. And he did it on purpose.”

Why do men wake up with an erection in the morning?

Most men will admit that we get a testosterone rush very early in the morning and for no reason at all, Johnny gets to attention.

It just wakes up and we are not thinking about anything. And when a man reaches over and whispers those 3 words every woman loves to hear – ‘hey you awake?’”

This is so true.

Another time a man gets the urge is when his sperm tank is full. Its like having a full bladder. Man you just have to find some way to relieve yourself. It like some kind of pressure that must be relieved.

However women are not necessarily the same. To understand that how to have great sex check go to this article: keeping the magic of sex alive.

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