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Marriage advice: Save your marriage

How to save and spice up your marriage or relationship

Today I want to share with you 3 T’s that can solve all your or marriage relationship problems.

Yes you read that right – just 3 things that can add spice and novelty back into your boring plain marriage or relationship.

In fact I will tell you the 3 secrets of how to save your marriage but will focus on one in this article.

These 3 powerful marriage saving secrets are what saved Jim’s 18 year marriage.

Jim and Connie were not really fighting and have disagreements. In fact from the outside they appear to be the perfect couple.

However, for Connie, nothing was happening and she fell out of love with Jim.

It was the same thing every single day. They no longer went out, he spent a lot of time at work and he scarcely helped with anything at home.

She has endured this for years, now she is thinking about Daniel who gives her spark. He has energy and seem to be full of complements for her.

Jim was absolutely shocked when she asked for a divorce. He did not know what to do. Someone suggested that he speak to me.

After reviewing his situation I gave Jim these simply tips. Tips that would work for you too, at any stage of your relationship.

All marriage and relationships start with and need 3 things to thrive.

  1. Time
  2. Talk
  3. Togetherness

Today I want to focus on time. Before I do that however, take a quick look at this video

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Relationship guru, Willard Harley says that we need at least 15 hours a week together to make a relationship work.

This is time alone together. Not with friends and family. Not with the children. Alone.

Marriage counsellor Dr. Dana Filmore explains this elegantly in the short video clip below.

Here are some of the points she makes:

  • The average couple spends as little as 1 hour alone per week. This is the recipe for a relationship that grows slowly apart. You will soon become strangers.
  • People who have affairs spent about 15 hours together. Compare that with 1 hour couples spend together!
  • She recommends at least 8 hours per week alone. Doing activities, dates and other things.
  • There is no way to you will have a great relationship without spending time together – alone.
  • It is virtually impossible to be in love with someone without spending time alone with them
  • Our priority should be: marriage, kids, jobs and friends/family. If this gets mixed up then our relationship will suffer.
  • If the marriage falls apart – everything else falls apart
  • Make or create time together.

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