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Save Your Marriage: The 90 Day Plan

Save your marriage in 90 days

If you are on the brink of separation or divorce you need to watch this clip on the 90 challenge that Tony robins gave a man on the brink of divorce.

He is scared to even go home to face his little daughter with the thought he might have to tell her, “Daddy is not going to be living here anymore.”

This guy by his own admission loved his music so much that he claims that it made him feel godlike. However it conflicted with the amount of time he spends with his family – wife and child. However he says he loves his wife.

His wife was so frustrated and at one point gave him an ultimatum to either give up the music or lose her. They came to a compromise that he would only play 3 times a month.

Tony cleverly dug brought out the fact that if it came to a decision he would perhaps give her up because she is not giving him half of what he is getting from his music.

He indicated that he was the only source of income for her which makes it very difficult for her to leave even if she wanted to.

After exploring what she might be feeling, Tony asked him put himself in his wife’s shoes and try to understand what she might be feeling.

He realized that he has not being filling his wife’s emotional need of validation. He did not fully understand that his wife’s put-down of her creativity.

“She represses her creativity on herself,” he says

“No she is begging for you to be her man and show her the artist inside,” Tony responds.

Tony helped him to understand that she was crying out for his support and help.

He challenged him to go home and give to her for 90 days and see what would happen. He was to totally focus on her and fill her up.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself about your spouse:

  • What does it take for him/her to feel loved?
  • What is he or she after in this life?

For the next 90 days just light them up. Never in their life should they have so much attention, care and love.

Then, according to Tony, You fill him/her so much that she will want to give back to you. They would then release you to do whatever you love to do in the first place.

This worked like magic for this couple. They have a sustained happy marriage for years.

Here is another video that confirms this principle, of a man who gave all to his wife and she responded in surprising ways.

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