Save Your Family: How do you go about saving your family from immorality, drugs, gangs and crime?

Well Rebrecca Hagelin has the answers in her book “30 ways to Save your family in 30 days

She identifies 3 major challenges parents face with their children

  1. Hectic schedules and not enough time
  2. Not knowing how to communicate especially with their teenagers
  3. Pressures from the culture and media

Believe it or not children today are said to spend over 8 hours a day using electronic and media devices and some only minutes with their parents.Amazingly children still say that their parents are amongst the greatest influences in their lives.

“Be your child’s parent not their friend. Write a vision for your child’s life.” Rebecca Hagelin

“It is not whether or not you are going to be an influence on your children – YOU ARE (emphasis mine). The question is what kind of influence are you?” is the question Rebecca poses.

One solution she gives about trendy dress for teenagers to is remind them that you both – they and you – must like the dress they are going to buy. I think that is a great idea. It is not just about you, and its not just about them, it should be a win-win situation.

Below is an extensive video of one of her book launch talk. Talk some time and look at it and do get the book “30 ways in 30 days to save your family”.

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