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Save marriage: 5 ways to save your marriage

Want to know how you can put love, romance and hot love back into your marriage relationship?

Here are 5 things you can do starting today to save and spice up your marriage.

Check out this video below

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  • Have a date night at least once a month – or if you can once a week.

The funny thing about relationship and marriage is the cares of life tends to squeeze time and money. Unfortunately dating is one of the things that is sacrificed because both of you may be working long hours. Or you may not have enough money to go on dates.

However dating was one of the things that not only brought you together but also imperceptibly bond you together.

Make the time for each other and find in-expensive ways to date. Picnics, hikes, playing sports or even walking together are ways you can start.

  • Boundaries with the Children and Careers.

Don’t let your work or children claim all or most of your time.

Put the children to sleep at specific times or make sure they understand that they are not to interrupt you together time. You have to be very strict about this as children will push the boundaries, however they will eventually get the message and give you both the space you need.

I like the point the speaker makes in the clip:

“Your kids and their activities are important but what even more important is that they see mum and dad loving each other.”

And yes you can turn off your computer, mobile and pager for 30-60 minutes just for your spouse. The sky will not cave in and the world will not crash.

One of the things that help me is that I go to bed early with my wife and we spend some time together and I wake up early while everyone is asleep to do some work

  • Give Each Other Some Space.

One day my wife decided that she was going to spend the weekend with her friend.

Amazingly I thoroughly enjoyed the space I had. She too enjoyed herself but was very glad to be back home after the weekend.

We discovered that we enjoyed each other more after brief stints apart. Obviously there has to be clear boundaries if one is going to spend time with the opposite gender. There definitely should be no over-nighting opposite sex friends.

  • Find out what makes the other person happy and do them.

Yep I totally agree. What makes your spouse laugh?

  1. What makes the feel appreciated, loved, or even sexy?
  2. What puts a spring in their steps and a song in their hear?

It could be a tough, a kind word, a small surprise gift or just doing something for them.

  • Fight fair?

I don’t believe in this fighting fair bit. I think people should be able talk about the issues that bother them before it breaks out into a fight. Here is a simple tool you can use to help you difuse any situation before it gets to a full blown fight and it helps to spice up your relationship too.












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