Relationship problems: 4 Common relationship problems to avoid – and what to do about them.

Extreme story-telling.

This is telling people about your spouse to make yourself look good and make him or her seem like some sort of a monster. Believe me your friends or family may think that you are a suffering victim that needs to be rescued from this demon. However this may actually degenerate when he or she hears about it – guess what – they will.
Ok you may want to vent some of the relationship problems you have. It is cathartic to do so, but it is much better to speak to your spouse about your feelings. The two of you can navigate this together rather than hanging your dirty linen in public

Poor me syndrome.

    1. This is the reverse to telling everyone who would listen about all of your spouses bad traits. Instead many people simply clam up in silence.  They appear to be ok but they are seething inside. They begin to resent their spouse and sooner or later when they cannot take it any more they simply explode. This of course shocks the romantic daylights out of their unsuspecting spouse, now you have real marriage problems.
      What can you do about it – again talk it over. For ideas on how to talk so that your spouse with listen click here. 

 Fighting over partners idiosyncrasies.

  Is there something about your partner that is driving you nuts. Well I have to tell you that his or her quirks may not ever go away. It may be just part of who your wife or husband is. Maybe it will be much better to accept who he or she is without having to change them. Remember it may have been those same things that attracted you to him or her in the first place. Acceptance and tolerance may be the best creating a happy relationship. “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”


In a busy hectic world we can get so caught up with activities that you lose deep connection with your spouse. This is especially true when you have children. You may initially notice a small lack of connectivity but it will eventually expand into a major relationship rift between both of you.  If not addressed this can grow into a big marriage problem, especially if you or your spouse become attracted to someone else who seem more appealing.

Try to do things that will make you feel connected. Go on date nights, spend evenings together just both of you alone. Spend time to talk and debrief about what is happening in your life. Do little things to surprise each other.

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