Marriage: Is Marriage Only a Thing of the Past

British Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg seem to think that marriage belongs to the out dated era of the 1950s. He says the family instution of “suit wearing, bread winning dad and apron, home making mother” should not be preserved in aspic.

But is the family and marriage out dated and old fashioned?

Marriage is old. Marriage has been part of every society since the dawn of time. But does that make it bad and out dated?

No. A thousand times no.

says modern marriage not shackled by notions of inequality**


Every research has shown that marriage is good for everyone. It is good for women, men, children and also the community.

Benefits of marriage


In a follow up talkshow, Venassa Velts, BBC London** the next day the benefits of marriage was spelt out by several experts and radio listening.

The great value of marriage – Gavin Paul, Director Centre for Social Justice – speaks out

Interestingly research also shows that the vast majority of people still want to get married. If you are thinking of getting married go here for some great marriage tips.

**The clips were gotten from Vanessa Feltz BBC London Morning show. No copy right infringement intended. I think they would be of educational benefit to the wider public.

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