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Marriage advice: how to get a man to do what you want

How to get a man to do what you want.

Are you in a relationship where you have a hard time getting your man to do something for you?

Have  you ever wondered why your husband never do want you want him to do?

Christine had this problem with James. For what seems to be a millennium she wanted him to change the wall paper. Something he is well capable of because he is a painter decorator. But somehow he never gets around to it.

So what does Mark Gungor say would motivate a man to do what a woman want?

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Gungor says you have to ask him more than once.

“Asking a man to do something once is like never having asked him at all,” Mark says.

Why is this so?

According to Mark men are always in a “take mode.” This can prevent them from actually hearing anything their wives asks or tells them.

It is not because they are deliberately holding out on the women through some type of sadistic attitude.

Many women believe they should only have to ask their spouse to do something once. This should be enough to get him to do it as an adult.

While I love the hilarious way Mark puts this, it is not the only reason why men do not do things for women. Here are a few more reasons

  1. Some women tend to be very demanding. It amounts to what is called a selfish demand. Men do not like to be told, or ordered around.
  2. Some women do not thank, appreciate or commend a man for what he has done. So over time he loses motivation to do anything.

Well how do you ask a man to do something that will motivate him to do it?

*Be civil, nice and remember to say “please.” Some women do not think they have to “beg” but this is not begging it just being courteous.

Give him an option or chance to chose to do it. E.g. “Honey how do you feel about painting the walls on Sunday?”

If he cannot do it on Sunday ask him when will he be able to do it. It is important you get a specific time. He may promise to do it but it may never get done because he has not committed to a time.

Remember to thank him and tell him how much you appreciate him doing it. It will motivate him to do something else another time.

These simple relationship ideas will definitely help motivate your husband to do what you want him to do.



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