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How To Make Your Marriage Work

How do you make a relationship work?

Peterson knew he was in trouble. His marriage is only 3 months old and they are constantly arguing and fighting.  Marriage problems.

Could this the beginning of the end?

So he came to me with the question: how do you actually make a relationship work?

He also wanted to know if this was the sign of the end of the relationship.

First he had to understand that it not how a relationship starts that is important but how it is maintained that matters.

Here are some pointers in how to make a marriage or relationship lasts lifetime.

Make your partner your team mate

Be happy and celebrate their accomplishments and successes. Be their greatest fan and cheer leader. Also be very supportive and helpful when they are facing personal issues and problems in their life. Be sure that you are the go-to person when they need a shoulder to cry on or just some to be there as a sounding board.

Be true to yourself and your values.

Believe it or not people actually respect you when you have clear boundaries and borders especially if you are true to your values and beliefs. Also do not make this person your entire world. Still have friends and activities that you like and are involve with.

Let your partner know when you have changed your mind or believes about certain things.

Grow together

One of the main challenges with relationships is that people tend to grow apart. One partner has what is known as a frozen image of the other person. They complain that the person has changed from the one they got married to.

Let you partner know the things that bothers you.

One of the sure indicators of divorce are couples who bottle up their emotions for fear of being confrontational or hurting the other. Sooner or later the pent up frustrations explode. Let you know how it the action affects you and what you will prefer that they do


According to researcher Dr. John Gottman, criticism is one of the horses of marital apocalypse. Instead state the thing that bothers you, explain how it makes you feel and tell your partner how you want them to behave.

Do things together and keep things interesting.

Joint projects and activities, not only keep things interesting but also helps both of you to bond.

Have an interesting and varied sex life.

Sex has tremendous amount s of benefits. One of which is bonding. So find new ways, times and positions to have a rich and enduring sex life.

Finally be patient

Like a everything relationships take time and patient to grow and mature. You will not get it exactly right from the beginning, just keep on trying and you will succeed.
Relationship don’t fail most people simply give up before the relationship mature and bear loving fruits.

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