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Marriage Advice: 1 Powerful Way To Make Your Marriage Last

How can you make you marriage last?

Want to know how you can stay together with your spouse for a lifetime?

Yes you must communicate. Yes you must have regular sex. Yes you must spend time together, doing things together. And yes you must be committed.

But researchers have found another Key to keeping couples living happily ever after.

Want to know what it is?


You got that right.

Couples who pray together, stay together.

You may have heard this before and think it is just a religious cliche. But no it isn’t, there is much more than a grain of truth in this.

A study reported in the Journal of Family and Family found that couples who prayed together tend to stay together.

Faith is a very important factor in success and happy relationships.


Father Jonathon Morris believes that prayer another intimate aspect of relationship that show care and concern for each other.

“It’s the 2 of you together with an objective outside Source [God] who has a plan for your life individually and as a couple,” Father Morris explains on Fox news.

Interestingly only 0.3% of people who pray together ever get a divorce. This is simply amazing compared  to the national average of almost 50% of marriages ending in divorce.

Religion and faith seem to be very powerful in helping couples to happily stay together.

The study also showed that couples who share core beliefs are happier; maybe that is why the very Bible warns not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers.

Father Morris says that watching your spouse on his or her knees praying breeds a sense of respect that can help when things get tough in the marriage.

He does have a very good point.

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So why not use this powerful method of keeping your relationship together by starting to pray together.

How do you do this?

May you can start by thanking God for bringing a wonderful spouse into your life.

Then you can ask for wisdom to be a good husband or wife and ask Him to bless your marriage and make it prosper.

You can also ask God to help you both in your day to day cares and challenges.

Here is an example of a simple prayer:

“Dear God, thank you for giving me such a wonderful person as ________ to be my husband or wife. Help me to be a loving and caring spouse to him/her. Bless her /him in everything he/she does and help us in the daily cares and challenges we face. Bless this family and let us have a long and happy life together. Amen”

Feel free to add specific things you want God to bless your spouse with and details of the challenges you may be facing in your marriage.

Remember to do this daily. Eventually it will become a habit that will not only benefit both of you but also the marriage.

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