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Relationship Tip: How to Make a Bad Relationship Good

Relationship tips: How to make a bad relationship good and good relationship great

bad relationship

  • Are you frustrated in your relationship?
  • Does your spouse rub you the very wrong way? Does he or she press your hot buttons and cause you to get really angry and irritated?
  • Are you constantly bickering or is there a cold war going on?

There is an answer to all of this. Believe it or not you can actually have a happy, very happy relationship  by instituting a very simple, by powerful phenomenon.

Below is a great relationship tip to having a great relationship.


Actually it is something your mum taught you about. You would have learnt this in nursery or kindergarten. You have learn in at the temple, synagogue or church you attended.

The antidote to many of the frustrations you are experiencing is simply be nice. I discuss this in a recent interview I did with Rosemary Laryea of Colourful radio. Click on the play button below to listen to it


It is amazing how nasty, hurtful and even cruel couples can be to each other. They say things that would shame, embarrass, and insult each other. Eech person tries to make the other feel the pain and hurt by doing something even more spiteful. They try to  out do each other. It degenerates into the downward spiral of spite and revenge. Not good, definitely not good for relationship.

My message to you to correct all of this is to “be nice no matter what!”

Why should you be nice, especially when your spouse is not being nice to you?

  • Niceness predispose the other person to be nice to you too.
  • Niceness helps people to stop and think about their nasty actions. It causes them to introspect.
  • Niceness stops the revenge spiral and starts the upward spiral of good deeds

Wouldn’t niceness be seen as weakness and a chance for them to walk all over you?

Niceness is not the same as weakness. Niceness is not equal to weakness. You can be nice and still have boundaries and borders.

I say be nice but firm. Be firm but gentle.

Remember to be nice no matter what. you will see a major change for the better in your relationship.
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