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Loving Relationship: How To Build a Loving Relationship That Lasts

How do you go about building a loving relationship that will last forever?

  • Can love and romance last forever?
  • How do you get a loving relationship that lasts for a life time?
  • Some people content that it cannot. Others think that it can. What do you think?

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Kim and John started their relationship with romantic sparks flying everywhere. Within a year of knowing each other they were walking down the church aisle to be married. They each though that the other was a dream come true.

However 24 months after that wonderful wedding day they were talking to a divorce lawyer. For Kim John has gone from being the dream come true to being her worst nightmare.

Carol and Tinson on the other hand have been married for over a decade and still feel the “hots” for each other. It is as if they are still in the first flush of romance. When they are together they will have a good laugh; they always like to hold hands and even rump with each other.

So let’s get back to the million dollar question: What is the secret of creating a loving relationship that would lasts forever.

* Consciously decide to have a loving relationship

First understand that great relationships just don’t happen. Loving relationships are not the product of chance or luck.

Lets think about it for a moment – think about the most beautiful garden or wonderful building you have ever seen. For this to happen, someone has to think about it, plan it and then invest time and energy into creating it

Let me tell you something that is very important: A loving relationship is created with intention, effort and skill

Here is a little exercise to kick start the process.

Ask yourself the question:

  • What can I do to make this relationship the most loving relationship ever? Make a list of everything that comes to your mind.

Then ask a similar question but this time ask:

  • What can he or she do to make the relationship the best?  Make another list of everything that comes to your mind.

Get your partner to do the same exercise and then share your answers together.

Now put these ideas into practice. You can add or delete as time if you think of other things.

*Become a professional lover

What’s a professional lover?

Take a quick look at professionals.

What do Musicians, athletes, speakers, doctors and actors all have something in common?

They eat, sleep and live there profession. They are constantly seeking to become better. They practice constantly even when they don’t feel like it. They practice until it become a natural and automatic part of them.

As a professional lover you need to actively be looking for ways to be a better lover. You need to do things that will improve your relationship even when you don’t feel like it.

Love is a verb – love is action.

While it is important to dream, dreams are only dreams. Without action they are worthless. You must make your partner happy by doing what they want (not what you think they want). Listen and pay attention to what they wrote in the exercise above and make it happen. This will make them incredibly happy. The will also be more inclined to make you very happy also.


Remember time is crucial to everything. If you want a beautiful garden you need to invest time, effort and energy. Similarly you must take time to be with your spouse. Be sure the you are giving undivided attention to them at least 8 hours a week. Of course I do not mean 8 continuous hours – everyday spend some exclusive time together.

Also take time to increase your relational knowledge and skill. Read books, listen to audio and video programs, attend workshops/seminar and attend classes. Like a doctor who usually wants to know what the latest development in his field is, also try to keep up to date with new research and development in the area of love and romance.

If you do this I will guarantee the you will have the happiest long last love affair with your spouse.

That is how you create an incredibly happy marriage.

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