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Love and Romance: Romantic Ideas To Boost Your Relationship Part 1

Isn’t it romantic Part 1

Is marriage the graveyard to romance?

Teenage Theo is in love. He feels he should stay in this phase of relationship because marriage is theĀ  death of romance.


As a married person, do you actually think romantic love goes out the window when you get married?

Many couples actually go into romantic graveyard after they get married, but this does not have to be the case.

They do not do this intentionally. It is just that life gets in the way. While they were courting and especially when they were young, they had not only time, but they were not cumbered with the responsibilities of life.

When you have to work to pay bills, care for children and do numerous tasks around the house you can easily not get enough time to be as romantic as you were in the courting phase of your relationship.

Anyway Theo had a go at the married men who he thinks are not romantic enough to their wives.

The married men felt challenged by young Theo and started to boasts amongst themselves (as men do) about the romanticĀ  feats they have recently performed for their wives.

Martin claims he carried his wife across the Brooklyn bridge and later sat on a part bench enjoying each others company on a moolight night.

Romantic idea 1 – Walks especially on a moonlit night

Well I must say that is a great idea men can still implement. Walks are free, moonlight fortunately do not come with a bill. Why not try that with your wife sometime soon.

Romantic idea 2 – Sing love songs to each other

Elvin contended that he took the mattress into the child’s bedroom where his wife was. They both sang the baby to sleep and then sang love songs to each other.

Romantic idea 3 – Lavish your wife in a hotel and give a limousine ride – (if you can afford it)

Not to be outdone Cliff told of the time he surprised his wife to first class hotel treatment and brought her home in a limousine. The others told him that it was not the same because he has the money to do so.

Real romance is doing something that your spouse appreciates without having to spend a whole lot of money.

Cliff then decided to throw a bet, challenge or competition to show who could be the most romantic on $25 budget.

The deal is on.

Lets see how romantic the married men will measure up in part 2.


Like myself Cliff has a hard time coming up with what he should actually get his wife. But I guess this is really part of what makes it speciall when you do get it.

It takes:

1. time

2. thought

3. effort – a whole lot of effort.

These 3 things help to show a woman or spouse how much they mean to you.

Theo gave his dad a great idea we can all learn form. Listen to the wants and needs of your spouse and try and meet them. They will be eternally greatful.

This was not helpful to Cliff so he had to continue his search for the perfect inexpensive gift.

The plot thickens as his competitors seem to have come up with something long before him, he finally gets something and the stage is set, because blabber mouth little Olivia tells the wives of the competition and they all plan to spoil the who thing for the them

Romantic Ideas To Boost Your Relationship Part 2

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