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Love and Romance: Romantic Ideas To Boost Your Relationship Part 2

Romantic ideas that won’t cost the world.

How can you romance your wife with a surprise gift without having to shell out a lot of money.

This was the challenge that Cliff, Martin and Elvin had in tghis episode of the Cosby Show.

Young Theo inspired the idea when he told them that marriage was the graveyard of romance. Not to be outdone they began sharing and trading stories of how they created romance in their marriage.

Martin spoke about the time he went on a walk with his wife over the Broklyn Bridge and carried his wife for half the journey. They later sat in the moonlight enjoying the scenery.

Elwin spoke about the time he and his wife sang their baby to sleep and then sang each other love songs.

Cliff boasted of taking his wife to an expensive hotel and giving her first class treatment, then taking her home in a limousine.

The younger and poorer men claimed that it was not fair because he had money to do it. Real romance was being able to love, romance and surprise their wives without having to spend a lot of money.

Cliff then challenged them to a competition of who can be most romantic on a $25 budget.

The women got wind of what the men were up to because chatter box little Olivia let the cat out of the bag. Disappointed that they were part of a bet between the men, they decided to spoil the entire plan by showing boredom or disappointment when the gifts were delivered.


After the dinner Elvin was first to go.

Romantic idea 1

If you cannot afford to buy something in one go, buy it a bit at a time until you get the entire thing.

Elwin cleverly decided to get a pearl and told his wife that he would buy one pearl per yer for the rest of their lives together.

This was so touching and sweet that she forgot her plan to act as if she was disappointed. She litterally melted in hsi arms.

Romantic idea 2

Take her down memory lane by producing something that you saved from the time that you were dating. If you don’t have that then maybe you can revisit some of the places you use to go when you were first going out.

Martin produces a hanky he used to wipe her lip stick off when he was parting to go to the navy. He then gave her a time capsule that she could put it in and they would open together after 50 years.

Again his wife forgot her plan and simply hugged and kissed him for being so thoughtful and committed.

Romantic idea 3

Buy her a gift she wanted when you were dating but you couldn’t afford it at that time.

Its Cliff’s turn and he launches into story of a time when a teenage boy (himself) took his girlfriend for a walk and she saw a barrette that she wanted but he couldn’t afford to get it for her. Now he has hunted down this type of barrette and got it specially for his wife.

Now the plot thickens, as his wife thought that she must tbe a spoiler and she will not crumble like the other two wives.

She defiantly announced that she did not want that hat (she actually thought it was “tacky”), she actually wanted a green bracelet. She took that package and was about to throw it, but it actually turned out to be the very bracelet she liked and wanted. She too was touched and fell into her husbands arms.

There is nothing like a great romantic surprise to boosts that happiness in your marriage.

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