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Happy Marriage: 5 Powerful Ways to Show Love Part 2

Here is another great way to show your spouse you love him/her

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In Part 1 we learnt that people have very specific ways which they feel loved. If we demonstrate love in any other way, they will not interpret it as love and your efforts will be wasted.

The way a person see and feel love is called his/her love language.

Amazingly most of us love others in the same way we feel loved. If we feel loved when other people tell us how great, good-looking and wonderful we are we tend to shower praise, appreciation and compliments on others. This however may not be the way the feel love, so they may not respond as enthusiastic as you would hope. This may only leave to frustration on both sides.

“The love you want to receive is the love you usually give to other people”

In Part 1 we also discussed another love language, quality time.

In this video clip Dr. Chapman give several suggestions on how to have quality time.

In a busy world of children and a hectic career how to do you get time to spend with each other.


If your spouse primary love language is quality time you need to create time for him/her. This will create a very happy marriage.

If you don’t spend quality time with him or her, its very likely that someone else will do just that and you will lose them; or they will become very irritable, annoyed and frustrated.

You can make time at breakfast, supper time, or after the children are in bed. It may also be possible to get a baby sitter for a short time while you go on a date or walk.

The third love language is receiving gift. Some people feel much loved, honoured and appreciated when they get gifts as tokens of love.

Gifts are a universal way of demonstrating love, appreciation and affection.

Gifts can made or bought; they can be expensive or cheap. What usually matters is the thought and effort you put into it.

“Its not the thought left in your head that counts. Its the gift that came out of the thought in your head that counts,” Gary Chapman



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