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Natural Family Planning: How Not To Get Pregnant

Natural Family Planning and how it works

How not to get pregnant – what is the art of not getting pregnant if you feel you have had enough children

My wife is heavily pregnant again. In fact the baby is due this Thursday, 1 September 2001. The 3rd boy.Natural Family Planning

While we are happy for the unplanned intrusion into our lives (she definitely would be happy if he were a girl), or thoughts have been pre-occupied about family planning and contraception.

Her bright idea is for me to get cut. I certainly don’t welcome the idea. Yes I really don’t fancy more children and the ripe age of 46, but something about permanently blocking any future child generation ability is unsettling.

Even thought she assures me it is painless and minor operation the thought of having this surgical invasion on the very essence of manhood and masculinity if very unnerving. I cannot get my head around it.

It is interesting that she doesn’t offer herself for this procedure – I suppose she being considerably youngerage of 30 has something to do with it.


What is the answer and how do we move forward? We simple want a happy little family.  Lets explore some of the options of how not to get pregnant again.

She does not like that pill, because she says she cannot keep up with the religious and daily regimen.

The thing they stuck in her hand and various side effects she was so uncomfortable that she took it out. It included unwanted weight gain, one of our friends developed high blood pressure which was directly related to it because after trying lots of other treatment and failing to bring it down, the high pretension corrected itself after she had it removed.

We have also tried the condoms which are very uncomfortable for her.

Coitos interputous, commonly known as withdrawing and ejaculation outside the virgina has recently failed us miserably.

Recently I stumbled on Natural Family Planning.

So what is natural family planning? Is it effective?

How natural family planning done?

There are 2 main ways of doing natural family planning

  1. Avoiding sex when your wife is fertile and
  2. Having sex during times when she is breast feeding

How can you tell when someone is one is most fertile?

  • the length of your menstrual cycle:
  • changes in your body temperature
  • changes in your cervical secretions (coming out of your vagina)
  • changes in the hormone levels in your urine or saliva – measured using a fertility monitoring device

Here is video which explains natural family planning

Benefits of natural family planning

  • Anyone can use without any side effects
  • Can easily be reversed
  • Much lower divorce rate among couple who practice natural family planning
  • Couples who practice it say the they are much closer to each other

Disadvantages of natural family planning

  • You have to be very organized
  • Reading body signs can be tricky
  • Complicated for women who have irregular menstrual cycles



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