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Happy Marriage: How to be a happily married man or woman

How to be a happily married wife


Sometime time ago an educated professional female friend of mine told she wouldn’t mind being able to stay at home and take care of her family.

I was quite surprised, especially since this is an age where women want to be study and have a career like men. Modern women don’t want to define themselves as being a “house wife.”

Well on Rachel Rays chat show two women told how they love being a stay at home wife and mum – and guess what they loved it.


What was interesting about the couples is that they literally had very traditional roles. 1950’s style. The woman stayed at home, washed, cooked, cleaned and looked after the children and the husbands goes out and “bring home the bacon.”

Both couples are tremendously happy.

But is this the secret of marriage?

Let’s look at what are some of the points that these marriages have

  1. Julia and Patrick. Both had very clear ideas in their heads about the type of family they wanted long before they even got married.

“The man’s job is to provide. To finances to provide for happiness,” Patrick says.

  1. The couples had very clearly defined roles. Both husband and wife know exactly what is expected of them and they seek to fulfil this function.
    1. Unfortunately many men today are uncertain of their roles in the homes, particularly as their wives may even be making more than them. But does this mean that wives should never work? No, this may not be practical as it may need 2 salaries to make ends meet. However both should agree on who does what in the home.
    2. Patrick believes that it’s his job to make his wife happy. “If my wife is not happy for anything, how can I make her happy. I want to run around and make her a good happy wife?” he constantly challenges himself. This makes so much sense as a woman actually can set the tone and atmosphere of the home with her attitude and influence.
    3. The 45 minute rule. What is the 45 minute rule?
      1. “When he comes home from work, that’s his time to unwind, distress or do what he needs to do to take his mind off his crazy work schedule.” Reports Julia. After this time she would talk to him about anything that she wants to discuss. She reports that he is much more receptive than ever and he gives her as much time as she needs without a fight. “I usually get my way,” she reports.
      2. This is pure wisdom as marriage Scott Haltzman man pointed out the it takes a man about 45 minutes to be able to make the transition biologically and emotional from work to home mode.
      3. Haltzman pointed out that many happily married women not only understand that man function differently but also capitalize on them. This leads to better communication and happier marriages.
      4. Be sure to appreciate and thank each other. Make your spouse your hero.
      5. Have lots of sex. Sex has many advantages. Sex bonds you. Sex makes you live longer and reduces your chances of cancer and heart problems.
        1. For women: If you are a woman even when you don’t feel like it, start and you will become warmed up. Another thing is to talk less as men are more action oriented and can be frustrated with too much talking. Get to the point ASAP.
        2. For men: be affectionate and loving. Men that do house work get more sex so be sure to be helpful around the house. Listen more. Women talk to bond, the more you listen the more likely she will bond with you.



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