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Emotional Cheating: Which is Worst Emotional or Physical Cheating

Is Emotional Infidelity Worst Than Physical Cheating?

What is physical cheating?

Physical cheating is secretly engaging in intimate acts (hugging, kissing, necking, petting and having sex) with someone other than your spouse or partner

What is emotional cheating?

Emotional cheating occurs when your share intimate emotions and feelings with someone else other than your spouse of partner. You get great emotional feelings of intimate satisfaction and happiness talking, texting, meeting and sharing details of your life with them that you don’t share with your partner of spouse. You do all this but do not physically touch or have sex with each other.

How is this different from having a very good friend of the opposite sex?

Usually a very good friend would be a friend of the relationship too. You will not be embarrassed for your partner to hear the content of your conversation with this person? While you may feel very guilty if your spouse hears how you speak with this person and the sort of things you share with them.

How can you tell when you or your spouse are emotionally cheating?

Having an emotional affair distracts from your primary relationship – this person begins to occupy your attention. He or she also diverts your romantic energies from your spouse. You look forward to talking and sharing private details (details you don’t share with your spouse) with them.

This makes your primary relationship dull and boring.

Signs of emotions cheating include:

  • Getting upset and moody for no apparent reason
  • Sudden change in personality and behaviour
  • Becoming very secretive about phone and internet activities
  • Over reaction when asked about people and activities outside the home


Is emotional cheating worst?

Most men would confess they cannot handle the thought of their wives having sex with another man. They somehow don’t seem to view or even understand the concept of emotional cheating.

Physical sex has a lot of meaning and symbolism for them.  Hence physical cheating is far worst for a manemotional cheatingy men than emotional cheating.

For women emotional cheating is a big deal.

Women connect emotionally. They want to be the center of a man’s emotional world. For him to share that part of him that she holds as only hers is the greatest romantic crime. She wants him to share his secrets, feelings, fears, hopes and dreams solely with her.

If he does share some of these with another person she does want to be left out he must not let his feelings and emotions be mixed in with it.

Women also hate to know that her husband or partner is discussing their relationship with another woman with her knowing. Having another woman stand as a secret judge on their relationship and providing empathy to him is brutally painful.

It is the greatest betrayal of trust.

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