Why Do Some Men Shirk Their DIY Duties?

How to motivate your spouse to do small DIY projects around the house


  • Is your husband hopeless at DIY (Do It Yourself) jobs?
  • Are you frustrated with waiting on your spouse to do DIY jobs around the house?
  • You have asked him a million times to fix the light bulb, paint the room, decorate the hall or fix the door handle but he keeps promising to do it and never gets around to doing it.
  • What do you do? How can you get him to do it without threatening to walk out of the relationship if he doesn’t?
  • Are you having a bad relationship because of this?

Here are several relationship tips to get DIY projects done without frustrating yourself, your husband or threatening the relationship.

  1. Understand that not all men know how to do DIY. As strange as it may seem to you there are a lot of men who do not know how to paint, change a tire or even change a light bulb. Trying to do something you don’t have the skill for sometimes makes it worst.
  • One guy told me how he tried to fix a damaged board on his bedroom floor. He gave in to his wife’s 100th appeal to fix it. He drove a couple of nails to secure it in place. Feeling satisfied he went down stairs to proudly inform his wife of his accomplishment when he heard her scream that water was flooding the kitchen from upstairs. After frantically turning off the mains (I bet a lot of men don’t even know where the water mains is), he called his insurance company. The person they sent informed him that he had driven a nail in his pipe and he was not insured for that. It ended up costing a pretty penny to get the thing fixed. The plumber had to rip up most of the floor to rectify the punctured pipe.
  1. Many men do not like DIY projects. They can be tedious, hard and downright frustrating, especially if you don’t know how to do it. Sometimes it is far cheaper to get a professional than wasting time, effort and money doing it yourself.
  2. If you have a friend, family or colleague who can do it ask them kindly and they may well do you the favour for free.
  3. Ask your husband friend to help. Many men are motivated by having friend helping them.
  4. If you can do it yourself then have a go. Interestingly most men just can’t bear to see their wife doing DIY and they would pitch in. That is how my wife gets me to do things

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