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Divorce and Separation: The Difference Between Divorce and Legal Separation

Divorce and Separation: Difference between divorce and separation

What is the difference between divorce and separation?

According to this cute lawyer separation occurs when someone decides of have the intention to live separate and apart from each other.


Divorce and separation all starts when in mind. Long before the parties actually physically move apart they will begin to feel that they are not comfortable in the relationship. It may be the they don’t feel loved and cared for or their spouse may be doing something which deeply hurts emotionally. They would have tried everything in their power to resolve it. If it continues for too long the person begin to wonder if it is worth it to continue in relationships were they are feeling continual pain and heartache.

The person will then withdraw emotionally. They shut down. Here are some small symptoms of separation.

  1. Avoiding smiling at the spouse
  2. Avoiding affectionate touch, eye gaze and even talking
  3. Avoidance of sex
  4. Saying hurtful things to get back at the person or not responding if the spouse tries to talk to or touch
  5. Sometimes one spouse may stop cooking, washing and ironing for the other. Or one may reduce or stop financial support.
  6. They avoid associating and behaving like a couple in public. They don’t go out together or if they are out they act independent of each other.

Then these sequences of events will escalate into open separation when one spouse removes wedding band and moves out the bedroom and/or eventually out of the house.

You do not need court permission to do this; however you can have what is known as a legal separation


Divorce and separation
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Divorce on the other is a legal process and decision. You cannot get a divorce unless you have been separated for a certain amount of time. The time varies according to the country you are in.

You will then apply to the court and provide proof that you have determined how assets (money, property etc.) will be divided and if children are involved there must be an agreement of who will support and care for them and when.

However you marital issues do not have to come to this. For resource on how to stop your divorce check out this article on how to stop your divorce.

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