Communication in a relationship: What women mean

Communication: what men mean – what women mean

Everyone will tell you the communication is the most important thing in relationships. Isn’t it?

What they don’t tell you is that if you are a man communicating with a woman is like 2 toddlers trying to speak to each other. Even though both of you use the same words they could have totally different meanings.

Mark Gungor gives a very humorous explanation of how complicated communication can become between a man and a woman.

Gungor quite correctly explains what the following words mean to men and women

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“5 minutes”

Men – 5 minutes

Women – as long as it takes to finish what they are doing (an indefinite period of time)


Men – nothing

Women “If a woman says nothing, look out its something” says Gungor. Gungor comically impersonates a conversation between. One man calls his friend in desperation. His friend asks him what is the problem, to which he reports that the problem is his wife.

“What did she say is the problem?”

“She says nothing.”

“Get out the house now….!” his friend shouts down the telephone.


Men: everything is good with life

Women: You are an idiot

Go ahead

Men: words of being polite

Women: she wants you to explain the stupid thing you just said.

Gungor warns you should be very careful here, as your explanation can land you in serious trouble.

“You should be very careful in the explanation because it’s likely to be followed by a sigh, which would lead to an argument over nothing, and then you ain’t going to have sex again for 5 minutes.” Gungor reports.

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