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Marriage: Benefits Of Marriage

The tremendous benefits of marriage

Is marriage beneficial?

Some people think that marriage is an out-dated institution that has no modern relevance. However this is simply not true.

Research from the US Dept. of health and Human Services and the Healthy Marriage initiative reveals a ton of benefits of  a happy marriage not only to the people involved but to children and society.

Here are some stats that show the wide array of benefits  marriage gives, that you will not get from co-habiting.

Benefits of marriage for children

  • Children who grow up in intact families
  • More likely to finish school, college, university and succeed academically
  • Are healthier emotionally and physically
  • Less likely to get involved in drugs or alcohol
  • Less likely to be physically of sexually abused
  • More likely to have healthy relationships and marriages
  • Be more spiritually attuned
  • Less likely to become sexually active as teenagers
  • Less likely to become teenage parents – getting pregnant or impregnating someone else
  • Less likely to be raised in poverty.

Some people feel that women get the worst end of the stick when they get married.

Lets look at the benefits of marriage for women

  • Married women are healthier emotionally and physically
  • Less likely to be physically and emotionally abused
  • Less likely to be depressed and attempt suicide
  • Less likely to get involved in drugs
  • They have much better relationship with children
  • Have better and more satisfying sex
  • Less likely to end up or remain in poverty

Benefits of marriage to men

  • Married men live longer, are healthier and wealthier than their single counterparts
  • They have greater stability in jobs and earn higher wages
  • Less like to commit violent or any crime
  • They enjoy sex more
  • Less likely to be depressed or attempt suicide

Marriages are good for the society and communities we live in

  • Citizens are healther hence less money has to be spent on the health system
  • Higher levels of educated members who work and contribute taxes which increase revenue
  • Lover crime rates
  • Lower teenage pregnancy and its associated evils
  • Less juvenile delinquency and less need for social services


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