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Beauty: Is Physical Attraction Important in Marriage?

Is it safer to marry someone less attractive than you?

  • If your spouse or partner is more homely than you does that mean that they are less likely to cheat?
  • Does physical beauty increase the chances of people hitting on your spouse?
  • Does beauty matter in love?

Happy marriageRecently Cosmopolitan magazine reported that a less attractive spouse is safer to marry. They are less likely to run off with someone else!

But is that entirely true?

Should we use this factor to safe guard marriage and relationships? I think not.

While it is generally true that more handsome men tend to cheat more than their homely counterparts,  I don’t think that it has to be so.

Do you really want to know what would make your relationship or marriage last long? Do want to know the secrets to a happy marriage?

Let me say it not how ugly or beautiful your spouse is. It not how tall or short, fat or thin they are.

The best predictor of how successful a relationship is how skilful your partner is in making you happy and how you both are at resolving conflicts in an amicable way.

Let me put it another way for you: The way you consistently make your partner feel determines if they would like to stay with you in the long run.

If you generally make them feel esteemed, happy, valued and appreciated they will always want to stay with you. If however,  you ignore them, make them feel devalued, embarrassed and stupid then they will want to run from you, regardless to your looks or lack of it.

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